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“Perfect Pointe strives to bring out the best of each individual student. This is accomplished through focusing on the diverse needs of students of all skill and age ranges. The end result is a polished professional studio committed to elevating the confidence and abilities of its students.”

- Debbie M.

“My daughters have been part of Perfect Pointe since the day the door opened five years ago. I can remember the very first recital. I was so overwhelmed and impressed with the hard work, and dedication of Miss Jessica and her staff. Year after year I am continuously impressed by the creativity and the love of dance these young talented teachers have. They truly love to teach dance and truly love the children. I can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring.”

- Amanda L.

“I have been with Perfect Pointe since the beginning, and if I could stay longer I would! Perfect Pointe broke the mold for me--in the first year I learned and experienced more than I had in years before with other studios. With an experienced and compassionate staff, a fun, aesthetic, and comfortable environment, opportunities for master classes and extended learning, I felt as if this studio was my home away from home. Being around friendly faces week after week, a family was formed at Perfect Pointe--a bond that cannot even be broken although I will be moving on to college. And this family is always open to new members who are willing to share their passion for dance. In June, the recitals showcase the hard work we have put forth all year, an opportunity to show the world what each dancer is capable of (while being able to wear fun makeup and costumes!) The notion that there will be a full production after 10 months of learning and improving is something that makes you strive a little more each week. The bottom line is, if you have the drive to learn, the desire to dance, and the determination to share your talent with people who are as eager about dance as you, Perfect Pointe Performing Arts Studio is the place to be!”

- Taylor K.

My daughter has been with Perfect Pointe for about four years now. Her dancing has progressed since she has joined Perfect Pointe. I am very impressed with the outcome. It has been a pleasure to see the recitals every year. They are more entertaining every year! Perfect Pointe staff is very professional. They make my daughter the best dancer she can be.

- Christine W.

“My daughter has been dancing at Perfect Pointe since she was 2 and is going into her 3 rd year on Perfect Pointe's Competition Company. She is receiving the best dance training in the area and absolutely loves every minute of it. The teachers are amazing and so very talented. The recitals are so professional and so entertaining. It has been such a positive dance education and experience. The best studio around....”

- Joanne M.

I was not expecting my five year old daughter to enjoy Perfect Pointe as much as she did this past year (her first). I will continue to take her there and possibly register her in additional classes if my schedule permits. The teachers there are extremely nice and very professional. I was very impressed with the teachers and dancers especially after watching their last recital!

- Kathy L.

Rebecca encouraged Mary-Kate and also challenged her in class each week. Mary-Kate walked out of the studio after each session proud of her hard work that hour. Because of Rebecca, Mary-Kate is enthusiastic about her future in dance and participation in the Biddi PAC.

- Michelle M.

"I started dancing 3 years ago because all my friends danced and it looked like so much fun. I registered at Perfect Pointe and took a couple classes for the first few years. Now, I am at my fourth year at Perfect Pointe and I cannot see myself dancing anywhere else. The teachers at Perfect Pointe push you to be the best dancer you can be and are always there to help you. They make the classes fun and enjoyable for the students while you are learning how to dance with strong technique and a glowing stage presence. The teachers at Perfect Pointe helped me to realize that I wasn't just dancing for "fun" and because my friends were in my classes anymore, I was dancing because it was my life now. Perfect Pointe is the best studio around because they offer many different classes, the studios themselves are very professional, and the teachers have a passion about dance that could make any person want to start taking classes right away. Did I mention the year end recital? When the recital comes around, I don't see one student without a huge smile on their face waiting to go on and show everyone how hard they have been working all year. I LOVE being in the Perfect Pointe Performing Arts Studio Family!"

– Marissa C.

“From the moment my daughter Cadence stepped into the dance studio, she was captivated. Miss Jessica taught her not just the art of ballet but discipline and self-confidence. We spent the year watching our daughter flourish under Jessica's guidance. You could not ask for a better creative environment for your child. With three daughters. we look forward to many happy years with Perfect Pointe Studio.”

- Jessica S.

“My three daughters have danced with Jessica and her staff since she opened 5 years ago. Jessica is a talented dancer, an enthusiastic, engaging teacher and a role model to all her students. My daughter took Miss Rebecca's tap class this past year and learned a tremendous amount in only one year. Miss Rebecca is an incredible dancer and a focused teacher. Our family loves the Perfect Pointe family.”

- Barbara P.



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